The Bet (The Bet Series #1) By Rachel Van Dyken

Purchased: Kindle store on Sale 1.99; Price now 4.99

My Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars

What’s it all about?

Kacey is approached by the last person she wants to see, her childhood friend and now millionaire, Jake Titus. Jake needs Kacey to come home and visit his sick grandmother, but that’s not the only reason he needs her. Kacey agrees to Jakes pleas to become his fake fiancé for the sake of Jake’s company. Everything would have worked out well if it wasn’t for Jake’s brother Travis. Kacey’s and Travis’ history leads to many days of torture, but it isn’t until Grandma Nadine steps in that the sparks between them truly begin to fly. A tale of secrets, miscommunication, and misguided love is what has kept these two apart. Can they break out of their own habits and finally admit what they have both been feeling?

What did I love?

The Prologue to ‘The Bet’ definitely sets the tone of who these characters are and how they have grown, or not, into their adult selves. Jake is still immature in his sexual ways which basically throws Kacey into Travis’ arms. Even though Travis is older he still has his immature ways but they aren’t the sexual nature. He can’t seem to get over his obsessiveness of torturing Kacey. This semi love triangle creates such a great atmosphere to where each boy much fight for what they want even if Kacey already knows what she wants. Jake and Travis are such great characters and have been developed so effortlessly to where you can’t help but love each of them. Kacey is that girl that everyone can attach themselves to. She is completely down to earth but her thought process is that of any girl. She has the same insecurities that most of us do, but on the outside she is the most confident and sassy girl you could meet. Speaking of sass though, I can’t forget about the person who set this all up – Grandma Nadine. The woman sets the tone for the sexual nature of the book. She doesn’t care about anything she does and thats just fine with everyone else. Rachel Van Dyken did such a great job with rounding out that characters who had a conscious and those who were there to have fun. It kept the vibes working through out the book to where you didn’t want to put it down.

Final thoughts …

This book is a must read if you are into New Adult Romance. It is a perfect fix for if you want a happy ending with some emotional baggage. I couldn’t get enough of it or the characters which is perfect because in Rachel’s next book in the series ‘The Wager’ you get more of Jake’s story.


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