The Boyfriend List (Ruby Oliver #1) by E. Lockhart

Purchased: Barnes and Noble – $8.95

My Rating: 3 of 5 Stars

What’s it all about?

Ruby Oliver is just an average Sophomore in high school, specifically at Tate Perp. When things seem to be going all wrong with her friends and now ex-boyfriend Ruby starts to have panic attacks. This leads to the boyfriend list, that her shrink suggests she writes. All boys who she has done something with, or hasn’t, or has thought about it, but either way nothing can seem to go right for Ruby. As the school year goes on Ruby’s life changes and we learn just exactly who these boys are on this boyfriend list.

The Best Parts:

The story itself was relatable. As an adult I have to say all of the feelings that Ruby had were that of any teenager and they were described and acted upon just as a teenager would. The dialogue was believable even if at times it seemed juvenile. It is a fun loving kind of book, that is the epicenter of chick-lit. Ruby is the center of all the gossip with the boys.

The Worst Parts:

This book actually took some time to get into. The set up of the novel was very different and I didn’t really like the set up of having footers for pages, so that we could read separate material at the same time. It made it frustrating and confusing to stop reading in the middle of a paragraph and read something else entirely then go back and try to remember what I was reading before. Not only that but the timeline of the novel was askew. I couldn’t tell what was a memory or what was present time because all was being said at one. I think some division or italics would have worked to make this more understandable.

Final thoughts …

As an adult I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this novel to other adult, but definitely to young adult. This is a good book to read if you are still in high school and going through that teenage angst.


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