Friday Special! [A little late…] Spotlight Author of the Week:

E.L. James


I know, I know. Fifty Shades of Grey is the cliche for all romance novels. Yes it was written originally as a twilight fan fiction, but in truth it has become more than that. These novels opened a gateway to romance novels for me. I had never read any before hand and with the books all over the news I thought hey why now, and fell in love.

And who do we have to thank for all of these novels? E.L. James. The fifty Shades trilogy is the first works from James, but sadly may possibly be her last, because who could top a best selling trilogy that became a movie?

Now here is where I would show what the author has written and explain what is new coming out, but since all there is to James is Christian Grey I may as well tell you all why I love this series so much, so maybe it won’t get so much backlash.

I must say that the actual writing wasn’t very good for ANY of the books. There needed to have been more editing involved, as well more characters development. I love the story line, even though the first book was thought out for twilight, but it worked very well with the rest of the series. The intentions were there completely, but even I say that it fell short. But what I love most about the book is that Ana is a little weakling that can’t live without Christian, and the other way around. The stand up against each other, but also stand with each other. This is more of a relationship than Edward and Bella. This is a relationship you can love and cry over, and I have many times over the years as I have reread these novels.

Besides the love in these books, there of course is also the sex. By no means do I think these novels show exactly how a BDSM relationship works, but it did open my eyes and mind to more relationships like this. I started researching it more and reading more book about it. It’s a lifestyle and no I don’t think what Christian and Ana do is anything close to what happens in the real world, but it makes for a good read. The sex scenes are good, even if you take out the kinky stuff and leave it vanilla. If James did anything right it was how to make a girl hot and heavy when she read her books.


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