The Heir (Book 4 in The Selection Series) by Kiera Cass


Purchased: Barnes and Noble – $18.99
My Rating: 5 of 5 Stars


I would not recommend reading this novel before the others in the series, but where this novel picks up starts a whole new story. If you want to understand the inside jokes read the first three books!

What’s it all about?
Princess Eadlyn has grown up in the spotlight her whole life, must like her father Maxon, and her mother, America, of course. But when uprising start throughout their country, the King and Queen see that Eadlyn needs to distract those that she rules over with none other than a Selection of her own. Through the twists and turns of choosing 35 men to compete for her, some who didn’t seem up for her personality and others who were down right rude, Eadlyn finds herself in a difficult situation. She never wanted any of this to be real, but what happens to the girl who always seems so put together starts falling apart?

The Best Parts:
This young adult novel does a great job with dealing on the part of an independent woman. Not every girl can compare to Eadlyn, because most of us want the happily ever after love. Eadlyn just wants to be herself, and doesn’t want to have to reply on anyone, and if that didn’t hit home with me then I didn’t think I would love her character as much. Just like the boys in the novel, Eadlyn is hard to get your head around, but what I love about her character is that she is real and doesn’t try to hide who she is. The same goes for the boys in this novel. All the characters are their own without trying to hard and I commend Cass for making it such, especially with so many characters. I also loved that characters form the first three books are back and getting to see how their lives changed and also getting to continue their story with them.

The Worst Parts:
Truthfully I didn’t dislike anything in the book. Everything had me on my toes waiting for the next part. Even the boys who were horrible and rude, and attacked Eadlyn made the story that much more interesting. It wasn’t that every boy was perfect. They are all flawed and that showed through perfectly, especially with Eadlyn’s flaws of her own. I am sad to say though that I finished this book a little too quickly, because that part that I hate is that I have no idea when Kiera Cass plans on the last book coming out so now I have to wait. Patiently. And with a cliff hanger like this book I don’t know how I will be able to survive.

Final thoughts …
If you have read the other book and not this one yet, get it, read it, love it. I laughed, sighed, got angry, and even felt heartbroken, but it was such a good novel to read. I was lucky enough to get the Barnes and Noble Edition that was also an autographed copy. This book was worth every penny, and I would recommend it to any one who loves a good YA novel. This series sin’t just for young adults, but for every one who loves a good romance. What I tell all my friends to get them to read this series is that they should go into it knowing that it is basically The Bachelor on steroids.


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