If You Dare by Evelyn Troy

25010379Purchased: Kindle – Free
My Rating: 1 of 5 Stars


Let me just say this before you read this review. I have no problem with BDSM relationship or reading about them, when they are done accurately and tastefully.

What’s it all about?
Zoe is over being pushed around by her now ex, and or course her boss. With the plan of blackmail to make sure that her boss pays her some sort of severance, but it doesn’t quite work of for Zoe. Dawson has plans of his own. This novel portrays BDSM.

The Best Parts:
I didn’t like a lot about this book; the one thing I did like though was the true display of BDSM in the sex club scenes. The few sex scenes in the club we probably the best part to the book as well as the plane scene. They weren’t forced, and the characters seemed to come well together. They weren’t trying to find themselves in the scene. Also the writing for the scene was only then and there. Some of the other scenes throughout the book jumped mid paragraph to another persons POV, even though it’s third person.

The Worst Parts:
This story feels like glorified rape. The first sexual encounter Dawson handcuffs her to a radiator without her permission and goes at it with her. The second time when they create a safe word, but Zoe screams ‘No’ multiple times and he tells her blatantly that she doesn’t mean that. Last time I checked even in a sub/dom relationship, no still meant no. Dawson informs Zoe that she is in fact a submissive, but what gets me going is that once he does this she loses herself completely. She is looking to him to tell her more about herself, “Dawson had informed her that she was a sub, but was she also a bisexual?” No man should ever tell you who you are as a person. The last portion to the book threw me for a whirl wind because the characters changed instantly. Zoe got her sanity back, and Dawson was apologizing for the way he has his way with her. It just gave me more of a headache.

Final thoughts …
I have read many BDSM novels, as well have studied a lot on BDSM, but this novel did nothing to enhance my love. If anything it made me cringe more then get hot and heavy. This novel was free on kindle and I got it because the stars were high on it, and the author is one that I have heard of before, but it felt like this novel was the first she ever wrote. The story wasn’t developed and felt all over the place.


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