Nothing But Shadows by Cassandra Clare

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My Rating: 4 of 5 Stars


What’s it all about?
It’s another day at the Shadowhunter Academy for Simon Lewis, but today’s story from Catarina Loss is one of Herondale’s, yet again. This story revolves around the young James Herondale. We had previously had a story in the Bane Chronicles that involved James. We get a true look into the aloof young man and the loyalty that he is willing to uphold. I mean who doesn’t love a Herondale?

The Best Parts:
I like that this story wasn’t about the main characters in TID, but that it captured the essence of the characters that we will be learning about in TLH. I liked that this story wasn’t meant to be a reflection for Simon event hough he did learn something. It was meant as a story, and just that. We are learning about the past to gain a new future, even if that means bending the rules just as James and Matthew had done in their story.

The Worst Parts:
I wished that at the end of the story when Simon is thinking about Clary as a Parabatai that we don’t get to see him ask her, or see him try to contemplate how to ask her, just that he wants to. In James’ story, Matthew asking was just some flook to get him out of the Academy, even if it was something he wanted. I wanted to see Simon truly want to have that connection with Clary, especially since his memory of them is slowly coming back.

Final thoughts …
Again I know these stories are meant to be short, but I always just want more! It is a sad addiction that I have to the Shadowhunters, but it is an amazing one as well. These characters have been in my life for years now and I never want them to go away!


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