Friday Spotlight of the Week [With a Twist]:

Today I’m doing something a little different. I could do an author spotlight on Suzanne Collins, but then I would just be telling you about all the different characters I love from The Hunger Games series, so instead I thought I would focus on one character, one that I truly love – Finnick Odair.


If you have not read the books I do not suggest you read any more of this post. I’m not holding back secrets from the books, especially with the last movie right around the corner. Also, if you are one of those few weird people who only watch the movie and have no idea what is to come in the last movie I seriously recommend you don’t read any more. I’m not even prepared for this last movie and I read the book. So be warned.

Finnick Odair seems to be almost a minor character when he is introduced in Catching Fire, but as readers we soon realized just how much we needed a character like him. A former winner of the hunger games, from District 4, who has long lived in the Capital to pay his debt to President Snow. What I love about his character in the second novel is that he adds such a light feeling to such a tense novel. All of the tributes for the 75th hunger games are angry, they were promised immunity once winning, but that no longer includes them. In the movie you get to see something that we didn’t in the book – Finnick professes his love to his dear Annie. As readers we already knew about his love, but for movie goers this was news to them, but still they aren’t fully aware of what is to happen. Finnick’s alliance with Katniss and Peeta is one that break my heart and fills it at the same time. It feels like with these three together no one shall live. Death happens all around them while in the new arena, but his role to save Katniss, and Peeta as well is what makes me love him more. This man who has given his life to those who treat him like shit, and sell his body still has a heart to love and to save. He is such a selfless man.

Finnick proves even more of his selflessness in Mockingjay, when he is reunited with his love Annie, and Peeta is with Katniss again. In this book we learn of all what Finnick has had to endure for the Capital as he tells Katniss of his body being sold. I love that in the movie that portray this as well. This was Finnick’s one time to shine without anyone else, and I think it is exactly what this series needed. We only saw glimpses of what is going on in the Capital, and when Finnick reveals all it is a solid ground to stand upon with hatred. My spark of hope was Finnick’s love for Annie, and their wedding day, but in this real world we live in author’s don’t seem to care about what we feel, or the characters we fall in love with. I think the hardest death in this book series for me was Finnick’s.

He had everything finally. The love of his life, friends, freedom, but of course no one is allowed to have that. His death was shocking in the book, and I swear every time I see Mockingjay Part 1 I cry with the knowing of what is to come. I’m not emotionally prepared to have Finnick die on screen. If Katniss just comes back and tells everyone he is dead fine, but don’t let me see my favorite character die. Especially with the knowledge of him and Annie just being married, and knowing that she is pregnant. I don’t think movie goers know that they are in for when the go to see this last movie. I don’t think they are prepared for the death toll that is about to ensue.

So as you can see I have a lot to say about Finnick – he is my everything in this series. Who is your favorite character from The Hunger Games series? How are you prepping for this last movie? Is there any death or any part to this series that you would have changed?


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