Saturday Updated To Read List:

So I made an uh-oh yesterday. With my birthday right around the corner i received $100 from my Nana, and then proceeded to go into work, Disney, where I have been eye balling the Kingdom Keepers books for months now. Needless to say, I bought them. Not just one. All of them. Let’s just say that my experiment this month to finish books I started, but never finish is over. Nothing else could possibly go wrong right? Wrong. With still having $50 to spend on other books coming out this month and next month, my mother decided to give me a $100 gift card for my Kindle. I’m in book heaven right now and don’t know which way to turn my hear or what book to pick up next!


To read:
Kingdom Keepers:
1-Disney after Dark
2-Disney at Dawn
3-Disney in Shadow
4-Power Play
5-Shell Game
6-Dark Passage
7-The Insider


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