Spotlight Author of the Week:

This week is going to be a little different. Instead of doing some major authors I’m going to do a few unknown authors who have been writing for a while, or are just starting out. I want you all to meet these authors and their novels that I thought were pretty awesome.

Laurelin Page:


Page has written a good amount of novels since 2013. One series that I have started by her is the Fixed trilogy. The first novel Fixed on You, was one that I had been wanting to read you for a long time, and finally got to. I’m hoping to finish the series soon. Page’s books are very much contemporary romance novels, so if you want to check her out she has about 3 different series, and all seem a little different, but will definitely leave you weak in the knees.

Cora Carmack:


I stumble upon Carmack’s novels inside Target one day. I bought Losing It, and Faking It. The third novel to the series is still yet unread by myself, but with the way Carmack writes her novels I know when I do get it I will fly through it. This is one of her most drown out series, and there are also ebook novellas to continue the wonderful adventures of her characters.

J. Kenner:


Kenner had been writing novels since 2010. What I love about this author is that she never stays to the social norm. She breaks the boundaries about what can be put into a romance novel, and still have people WANT to read it. Her most famous series that I have had the opportunity to read it the Stark Trilogy, and what is so great about this series you ask? Well starting this year Kenner has now created a spin off series Stark International! I can now indulge more in one of my favorite series.


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