Wildflower Crown by Charlotte Cyprus



Purchased: Kindle – $2.99 [Gifted from author in exchange for honest review]

My Rating: 4 of 5 Stars


What’s it all about?

Wild has never known a true family, and that of her life had always been complicated. She has been running from her past, and has now landed in a future of outlaws, lies, and innocence. When Wild agrees to help with the kidnapping of a royal princess, she doesn’t see why it’s a bad thing. Soon though Wild is placed as the princess while guards roam in kingdom in a frenzy. Wild’s time as the princess is slowly distracted by the prince she must pretend to love, and the guard, Daivat who she truly loves. This war between her past and future brings out the uncertainty of her own life, and trying to find out who she truly is.

The Best Parts:

I was captured by this novel. It had the sense of a good romance, but the time setting really put it into place. I didn’t know what time period they were in, but it worked well with the setting, and soon I didn’t care. The characters we good, but none were trusting. The characters seemed to flip flop and some I didn’t seem to understand their intentions at all. The Queen seemed to not really care that Wild was replacing her daughter, and it confused me at times, but even when it did something the Queen said would explain why she did or thought that.

The romance between Wild and Daivat was a great read as well, but I never really understood Daivat’s reactions to Wild. He always accused her of playing games, but there was no real back story with what happened between him and Sarah. I think if this had been explained more then it would have brought their love story full circle.

The Worst Parts:

Surprisingly enough even thought my review is high for this book there was a lot that I didn’t like about it. The whole thing with Wild’s mother was just obnoxious and the same with the Princess not being able to speak at the end, and the young Prince just going with the flow at the end. Alright let me just say this. The whole ending was a mess. There was too much going on, and Wild finally finding out who she was and her powers, and then the whole thing with Daivat, and the memory stuff, and I just couldn’t wrap my head around why it was written the way it was. The story needed a final ending, and it just let me with so many questions. The rest of the story was so thought out and in great detail; it felt like the author just wanted and ending and didn’t realized that nothing was really solved. Even the Epilogue was confusing, and left me with a huh kind of feeling.

Final thoughts:

I really liked the book, and finished it fairly quickly once I got fully into it. The description of a fantasy romance is fairly true. There was more romance than fantasy, but I did like it and it did want me to read more, but I’m glad that this is a stand alone, even though I have tons of questions still.

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