The Bourbon Kings by J.R. Ward



Purchase: Free Sampler from author – first three chapters

My Rating [so far]: 5 of 5 Stars

So there isn’t much to post about the story line, or the best and worst parts, but what i can tell you is that even though the sampler i received was only the first three chapters, my god it’s exciting. I have never read anything by J.R. Ward, but tons of friends have told me about the Black Dagger Brotherhood books, and they look great. This story though seems much different, and i love the tension that you see before the story even gets fully into it.

One thing i am unsure of though is the price. For an in hand copy it’s $27.99 from most retailers, and on kindle it is $13.99. I normally am all for paying for a great book, but I have NEVER paid more than $22 for an in hand book, and no more than $7.99 for a kindle book. So even though I want to finish this series I feel I may have to wait a while till I can find a cheaper copy, hopefully.


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