Privacy Code by Jordan Burke


Purchased: Kindle – Free [$.99]
My Rating: 4 of 5 Stars


What’s it all about?
After six months of only online communication both Catherine and Watts are straining to see what their relationship is. Both are extremely private in their every day lives and with each other, but Watts a little more so. His one rule is one time only, and no more. Can Catherine handle this when she has clearly fallen so hard for a man that she doesn’t know if Watts is his first of last name?

The Best Parts:
I liked a lot about this book surprisingly enough. I stumbled upon it one day on Pinterest and thought that it looked good. It didn’t disappoint. The dynamic between Catherine and Watts is a strong one, when they are together or apart. I loved that we were able to see both sides as to what was going on. There wasn’t any moving too fast or slow, it was perfect. You were able to see both characters work out their differences and the hard ships with each other and their lives together and apart. The sexual content was very well written and gave off the emotions and feelings that a good sex scene should.

The Worst Parts:
There wasn’t a lot of things in this story that I didn’t like, but more so things I wish I would have read. When going back and forth between Watts and Catherine, we were able to see a lot about Catherine, but very little about Watts. I felt that we were put into the same position that Catherine was and trying to figure out exactly who Watts was. I felt that if we would have gotten more form his story in this first book we would understand more to why he was the way he was, otherwise I think the story would have been great as just a first person in only Catherine’s POV, as to create more of a surprise about Watts.

Final thoughts:
There is two other books to this series and I’m definitely going to be reading them. I am curious as to see what the end result to this relationship is. This is Jordan Burke’s first series of books, and I’m hoping for more along the way!


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