The Consequence of Revenge by Rachel Van Dyken


Purchased: Kindle – $3.99
My Rating: 5 of 5 Stars


What’s it all about?
After losing his best friend Max doesn’t seem to know what to do with life, but his new found friend Jason seems to know everything that Max needs. And what may you ask is that, a dating reality TV show! Duh! When Max goes on Love Island with 25 eligible bachelorettes he doesn’t think he will find love, but what if it finds him? With his only companions a goat and a gecko, and well maybe his brother, but that’s up for debate, what will Max do to be able to survive this god awful island?

The Best Parts:
So let’s just say that Rachel and one liners are the best thing to ever happen to the english language. I loved getting to know Max in the first novel, but him having his own book, way better than anything I could have expected. The events that happen in this story are quite hilarious if I must say, and he fact that Max still gave every girl some form of a chance showed just how much he cared. The things I loved most about the book were when all of Max’s friends came to the island and had to make a new friend – I thought this really showed the characters love for one another and made them more believable, that even though they got Max into this mess, they were still going to be there for him – and the epilogue was pretty good too. Who knew that Max could be a romantic? I mean the moon? Come on! Who does that? Oh, right, MAX!

The Worst Parts:
One thing that got me when reading this story was the ending. I wasn’t expecting the last girl to make the decision she made, and it broke my heart just as much as it did Max’s. I think the redemption at the end was good, but I probably could have gone without getting that emotional. Also the whole scene with Cat had me on edge, and I didn’t like him being with another woman even if it was just playful. No. Bad idea Colton.

Final thoughts:
I think that this whole series is going to be amazing because it isn’t just going to focus on one couple and forget about the rest of the character, no. These people will be around for every single book and I think that is perfectly amazing because I need to know what is happening with every one while I fall in love with new characters too! Thank you Rachel again for such an amazing book!


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