Black 21 by Nancy Glynn

Purchased: Gifted from author in exchange for honest review [Kindle – $2.99]
My Rating: 4 of 5 Stars


What’s it all about?
When Daisy is sent away from home to recover from event that have happen she is shoved into more unruly events. When your transported back tot he town you partially grew up in and you seem to be uncovering more of their secrets what do you do? As Daisy and Christian become closer more of the destiny that they share come to life, and it isn’t a good one. Christian’s 21st birthday is months around the corner, and the highlight of the show is Daisy. Their lives will be changed by Jack Red, and who will Daisy truly end up with, Christian her true love, or Jack her true master?

The Best Parts:
So when this novel started I was all for it. It was intriguing and lovable. I loved learning about what was happening with Daisy while she learned. It kept up the suspense and felt like the story was going in a great reaction. That was until I looked down at my kindle and saw I was only 15% in and already so much had happened. That was when I got skeptical about where the story was going. After the hayride with Daisy and Christian things just seemed to get more complicated and then it felt like the story went through fast forward. I absolutely loved the story, but I think too much was crammed into one book. This would have made a great series, or even a two part book series. Something, because all of the information and the running around and the deaths all just happened way too fast for me. I seriously mean it though when I say that I loved this book. I was screaming at it in my break room at work throwing my hands everywhere, and wanting to throw my kindle at the wall.

The Worst Parts:
The only thing that I felt off about this story was the fast forward nature of the writing. The affected the ending of the story, not in a good way though. By then end I just don’t really know what happened. I mean I do, but then the kids just ran away, and off into the sunset and that’s it. Some Epilogue would have been great or some aftermath would have helped, but nope. They just left with a child as everyone else was dying. Kind of odd, but still I seemed to accept it and just let it go. The characters were well written, but at times seemed to be a little unfocused and changeable. I understood that some of the characters it was in their nature to change, but then it just got confusing with the romances between the characters and no one being loyal to one another. Then the really confusing part was all the christianity in the novel, and then all the sin and devil, and the sex. I didn’t really understand where God really stood in this story, but it didn’t feel like a strong presence maybe like the author had expected. I think this would have been another thing to expand on if the book was broken up into multiple books. The faith aspect that is supposed to be saving these kids lives.

Final thoughts:
I think that this book could have been the best paranormal romance I have ever read, but then it fell slightly short of everything I built up for it. Now don’t get me wrong, it was a fantastic book, but I just wanted more. I commend the author for creating such a great story with great characters, and I feel the even for an indie author that this would be great on the shelves of a book store for many young adults to read.


4 thoughts on “Black 21 by Nancy Glynn

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