Tease Me, Please Me by Natalie Wild


Purchased: Kindle – Free

My Rating: 4 of 5 Stars


What’s it all about?

Sandra has saved up for a long time to do something for herself, and that something is diving. She has learned as much as she can, so that she can travel the world in search of something for herself. But in this search she finds Abel. Will he be able to fulfill that missing link for Sandra, or will she leave him in the end?

The Best Parts:

For a short story, well part 1 of 4, this was very well written. I loved the short instances where it just quickly shows whats happening and then dives right into the action. It helps with the fast paced nature of the story, but doesn’t take away from it either. I also loved loved loved the sex scene. I loved that she questioned herself with his domination, but allowed herself to give in to her inner sexual desire. I also loved that Abel’s true nature showed, and that he admitted he was sorry afterwards. It showed him as a person and not just a kinky sex crazed man.

The Worst Parts:

The only part that I was like oh no, was when he showed her his sex room. The only thing that went through my mind was oh god, here we go again with the fifty shades of grey. I mean the door was red, and had a lock on, what did you think was going to be behind it?

Final thoughts:

I got this book because I thought it looked good. It is currently free on kindle, but if you want the whole story it’s $2.99. I will definitely be reading the rest of the story. I hope to also read more of Natalie’s books, as she is very well verse in her writings.


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