Having a Baby for Him by Foxy Tale


Purchased: Kindle – Free

My Rating: 1 of 5 Stars


What’s it all about?
Before going to college Nicole changed her look hoping to start new, and that’s exactly what happened. After one drunken night of strip poker and a crazy prank on her, her life seems to be turned upside down. Hating Ethan has become a sport for her until one night of weakness. It has been months since Nicole and Ethan slept together, and now their step siblings, so what shall they do now? Especially with Nicole gaining so much weight…

The Best Parts:
This story could have been great, but it’s not.

The Worst Parts:
The way that this stroy was written was confusing. It started out with a shy girl getting naked and having her picture plastered all over school. For one that’s illegal. Then it is her plotting against the prankster and then sleeping with him. Like I know you have sexual attraction, but come on. Then they some how talk about their parents and find out their siblings, and then freak out and never talk to each other again. Then they meet at their parent’s dinner and can’t talk to each other then she drops the bomb about being pregnant. Unrealistic story line, and unrealistic characters. If the story has been drawn out more then maybe a good story line could have been created, but right now I literally laughed at the book anytime anything happened. Also, there are many grammar and spelling errors within this story. If you can’t spell a famous actors name correctly then there is a problem. Also the formatting was way off when reading my kindle.

Final thoughts:
There were many factors while reading this novel that put me off. It definitely needs to be polished up, and possibly lengthened so that there is an actual story and not just a summary.

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