A Little Bit in Love by N.D. Jackson

Purchased: Kindle – $2.99 [Gifted from author in exchange for honest review]
My Rating: 4 of 5 Stars


What’s it all about:
Alexis is one who has always seemed to be alone, from losing her birth parents, to losing her adoptive parents. She has learned to live life with out the help of anyone else. When she visits her best friend in L.A., the last thing she expects or even wants is a man in her life. Alex has been with the rich type of men who think they can control and buy everything to make it better, and that’s not something she wants. Baxter seems like a good guy, but he will have to prove to Alex that he isn’t the typical rich man that she is used to; granted he isn’t like many rich men. With many mistakes and wrong assumptions Baxter seems to dig himself deeper into Alex’s hole, and hold. Will either one of them be able to make it out unscathed, or will they forever be apart of an unending feud.

The Best Parts:
So there was a lot that I loved about this book. The characters from the first book came rearing back which helped place the actions that were going to happen in the book, but I also loved the introduction to some new characters that added so much more to the series. The plot line worked well for having seen previously just how Alex is with men, but I never expected her to be the runner since she harped so much on Shellie about it. One thing that really helped when reading this is that after every major decision or action that was taken in the book there was an explanation for it form the character. It allowed us to see into their thought process for why they were doing what they were doing. This allowed for great flow throughout the novel. Also, the sex scenes were pretty amazing. I knew from the first book they were going to be good, but my goodness. I felt flushed from reading most of the scenes; I guess that’s what you get when two strong headed characters have sex, there’s so much dominance in one bed!

The Worst Parts:
Now there isn’t anything that I truly didn’t like about this book, but there was one thing that bother me a few times through this book. I understand from the first book that the men have a lot more faults than most men in romance novels. That creates a realistic man and I love it, but in the one it seemed that Baxter could NEVER do or say that right thing, but Alex NEVER corrected him. She just let him be wrong. It frustrated me because if it really made her that mad then she should have vocalized it more to him what he had done wrong. She accused him so much of playing games that she never realized that she was playing the biggest game of all. She set him up to fail every time, and never gave him the benefit of the doubt. As much as I wanted to slap Baxter for being stupid sometimes, I wanted to slap Alex for being more of idiot than Baxter was.

Final thoughts:
I was given this series to read in exchange for honest reviews and I must say that I was pleasantly surprised. This series is a great New Age/Contemporary Adult Romance series. It captures the struggle with real people, and the sexual tension that seems to build within all of us. I loved that these stories didn’t just focus on the sex, but the relationship itself as well. Both books are on kindle for $2.99 and I recommend it for ages 18+ for mature content. The works are in for a book 3 and I can’t wait till it releases!


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