Friday Spotlight Author of the Week:

Meg Cabot

Cabot is mostly known for her Princess Diaries series, but today I want to focus on some of her other smaller series as well as some of her stand alones. She first started publishing her books in 2000, and has been readily releasing books throughout the years. The two series that I have read by Cabot, the Mediator and the All-American Girl series.

The Mediator series focuses on sixteen year old Suze who is a mediator, and has moved out to California to live with her three step-brothers. While living in her new room she finds that it is haunted by a ghost, Jesse. The series goes through Suze’s trails as a mediator, as well as her growing love for Jesse. This series is a paranormal young adult series with a finally adult novel as the end which is set to come out in 2016, Remembrance.


The All-American Girl series is only a set of books, All-American Girl and Ready or Not. These novels follow Samantha and he life after saving the president’s son David, and her ever growing love for him. This is a teen romance novel series, that I read while in middle school and absolutely fell in love with it. I wish that there had been more to the series, but later Cabot did release a short story companion in an anthology, Our White House:Looking In, Looking Out.


A few other novels that I had read by Cabot that are stand alones include Teen Idol, How to be Popular, and Pants on Fire. All of these books land in the realm of YA, but having still own these books I have picked them up a few times to reread them and have to say they were just as good when I was 13 as they are now that I’m 24.

Cabot has been writing novels for us young women for many years now, and am hoping that her novels will continue to treat YA readers with new and fun loving characters that she has always created.


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