Hello There!

Hey guys! So for the last few days Iv’e been stuck. Normally throughout the week you see tons of reviews from the books I have read, but unfortunately I hit a rut Saturday night. I haven’t picked up a book and read anything in two days and I feel horrible, but yet I don’t. I know today that will change since I have the whole day off. I mean I had the day off yesterday as well, but let’s face it I had a Disney day with my best friend and it was definitely what I needed to get out of my head for a while. So look for today to see at least one new review, and I’ll definitely get back on the saddle for my reading goals this year!

One more thing! My normal post on Saturday with my updated To Read list will be leaving the blog, and instead I am setting up a separate page that will have my list permanently on there and I will update it as I read, or as I put more books on there. Thank you to all my reader for enjoying my blog, or hating it, whatever floats your boat! :]


Here’s a little peak of how my day went yesterday with this totally awesome photo I got of Tinker Bell šŸ˜€




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