Bitter of Tongue [Shadowhunter Academy #7] by Cassandra Clare


Purchased: Kindle – $2.99

My Rating: 4 of 5 Stars


What’s it all about:

When Simon is accidentally captured by the Fey while on a mission outside of the Academy it seems as if all is lost amongst the fairies that hate all Shadowhunters. But when he meets a familiar face among these of hatred there seems to be a glimmer of hope. Mark Blackthorn has been in the fey world for years, left by Shadowhunters to fend for himself, but it doesn’t mean that Mark has forgotten who he is. Now Mark must help Simon escape, not just for the redemption of his fellow Shadowhunter, but for his pride of still being a Shadowhunter.

The Best Parts:

This story was shorter than the rest as it was just a little snippet into something that is bound to be bigger. If you did not read COHF then you will not know who Mark is, but if you do’t read this then I fear when The Dark Artifices series comes out then you may be a little confused. There is one scene in particular that I loved. It was an exchange between Mark and Simon and their own minds. It was great to have someone, who just like Simon, has had struggle with their memory. For once it wasn’t someone trying to get Simon to remember something about his past, but Mark trying to make himself remember, and Simon trying to help him with that. It changed the dynamic for Simon in this series as we see later in the story with his great speech. Things are about to change in the Shadowhunter Community and it’s arriving fast with a new series of books set to come out in 2016.

The Worst Parts:

There was one part that I hated. No need for it to be anywhere in this story, but yet it happened and didn’t need to. Why in the world was Isabelle there?! Yes she was supposed to be saving Simon, but it drew away everything from Mark saving him, and that was the whole point! It was so trivial to have her come into this story just for a kiss. They could have seen each other at the wedding, but no. He comes little miss sassy pants to the rescue and messes everything up. Sorry. Rant over, just a little annoyed. Besides that everything else was perfect!

Final thoughts:

Remember that this is a mini series set out to release a new part once a month! There are only three stories left to this series, but don’t forget to read the rest of Cassandra Clare’s novels, The Infernal Devices, The Mortal Instruments, The Bane Chronicles, and also at the end of every Shadowhunter Academy book is a small snippet of Lady Midnight, granted it is the same snippet but a good one still, the first book to The Dark Artifices series. Hope you enjoy!


4 thoughts on “Bitter of Tongue [Shadowhunter Academy #7] by Cassandra Clare

  1. It is part of a series only for ereaders. But you need to read The Mortal Instruments series first since it is a continuation. I have a character Spotlight on the author Cassandra Clare if you want to know more about the series!


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