So… I just remembered that it is #tbt! Luckily I don’t leave for work for another 20 minutes! So this week for my #tbt I was thinking of doing another Faulkner story. There is something about his work that always calls to me and one story that I have had to read all through high school and multiple times in college was “A Rose for Emily.”


If you haven’t read the story then here is a little about it. It is a short story, only about 4,000 words. It is about a girl named Emily and her life of grief. The story follows Emily as she tries to move on through life after losing her father and learning what love really is, but after unforeseen circumstances Emily’s mind turns. This is when the story starts to get fun.

It was always fun to argue in class on why Emily was sane in her endeavors of killing her husband and saving him, but all my classmates could see was how horrid a thing that was. How crazy this character was, and how she could never love. How I saw it was a woman who had always had a male figure in her life, so when she lost her father she needed a replacement. She needed that constant in her life. Cue in man and bang her life is complete, but yes her mind ran away a little. She realized that if he left she wouldn’t be able to have him forever, so next best thing is to kill him and keep his body. It was a was for Emily to keep her love for forever. Yes, sounds a little crazy, but after all the things that have happened in my life with my father dying I always felt like I knew where she was coming from. The heartache of possibly losing another person that you have grown to love is just unbearable.

I have never read another story with such strong conviction that I fought so hard for people to understand. This story, even though a little morbid, is one that I think a lot of people take for granted. Many students that I went to school with refused to read it over and over again for different classes, but each time I read it I just grew to love it more.


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