Two Book Reviews for the Price of One?!

So this is my first time doing a review like this, well two reviews at once. I first finished My Fake Fiancé and then Before, but what I realized after reading both of these novels was that many authors in the romance genre are writing these little novella. They are prequels to their story, a free tid bit to see the writing style and the story line, but how well do these novellas really prepare us for these books?


My Fake Fiancé by Helen Cooper

Purchased: Kindle – Free

My Rating: 2 of 5 Stars

What’s it all about:

Mila isn’t one to always choose the right guy, and that’s because she has always been comparing men to her first crush TJ Walker, her brother’s best friend. This story focuses on the beginnings of Mila and TJ and how they came to be.

The Best Parts:

So, there was only like one thing I liked about this book and that was TJ. I felt like he was the best written character for this story and gave off s much life and personality.

The Worst Parts:

Everything else. This story had nothing to it. It starts off with TJ asking Mila to be his fake fiancé, but then nothing more is mentioned because it is all flash backs. Mila is very young, but she is only 22, but her character to written as a teenager. Also, nothing happens. Nothing. This short story was a build up for NOTHING. This story felt useless in helping me gain any information about the full length novel. Also there were many grammatical and spelling errors, and the formatting did not fit my kindle.



Before by Nicola Marsh

Purchased: Kindle – Free

My Rating: 4 of 5 Stars

What it’s all about:

Jess has never seemed to find the right guy, but she sin’t looking. With being in school as a freshman, and the problem of her virginity, boys just didn’t seem like a problem, that would be until Dave. Which  is when the knight and shining armor Reid, Jess’s brother steps in. He whisks her off to Australia where we meet Jack. Jess and Jack hit it off, but Jack would never corrupt a young girl like Jess, especially when her brother was helping him out. So what are the two to do when their chemistry is busting at the seam and they have no where else to go?

The Best Parts:

I love a lot about this story. The chemistry was written very well, and that includes that characters. Even though Jess is young I felt like she had a perfect head on her shoulder and knew what she wanted and what she didn’t. Jack was a little all over the place, but that was his character and it worked for him. The story of the good girl falling for the bad boy is so typical, but this gives it a nice twist, especially when the bad boy won’t budge on his stance of not corrupting a young girl.

The Worst Parts:

There wasn’t a lot that I didn’t like about this story, but there were a few things. I didn’t like Dave, and really wondered how important his role was in this story. I felt like his whole story line could have been done without. Then there is Reid’s story. He is Jess’s brother, but we know nothing about him and not really because of author admission, but because of the character. He dodges every question which makes it hard to love Reid when I know nothing! I needed more!


Final Thoughts:

Here are my final thoughts for both stories. I felt that My Fake Fiancé set up a story that I just didn’t care to read any more. This novella lead nowhere and it makes me worry that the full book will do the same. Before is a different story though. This one makes me want to read about everything that is involved within the series. I want to know what happens to Jess and Jack, and Reid’s story.

These mini novellas that are released for the series I think would be great is they were long, like Before. I feel if they are too short then why read them when I can just go to the novel. I don’t know what started this trend of novellas for series, but it’s not one the I really like, but it’s not one I hate. I have read many of these before and have always been fooled because there is no indication that it is a prequel novella, or even an in between novella. They are just like here ya go enjoy, oh but wait theres more! Just put out books like we used to so I can read them. Put those details you left out in the book back into the book! I just want to read a full book and not have to hunt for if it’s in a series or not.


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