Arrogant Bastard by Winter Renshaw


Purchased: Kindle – $.99

My Rating: 4 of 5 Stars

What’s it all about:

Waverly has always been one to follow the rules and live by her families guidelines, that is until she can go away to college after her senior year of high school. It’s only a few short months away and nothing can seem to get in the way of her dream. Jensen couldn’t be more different than Waverly. He has always disobeyed his father, more out of spite than anything, but when these two soul collide it’s a brand new ball game for them both. Jensen doesn’t feel himself worthy, and Waverly doesn’t want to cross that line. Especially with them being step-siblings. What will these two do when their lives seem to be colliding but neither of them seem to want to pull away?

The Best Parts:

The Amazon description of this book does it no justice. I loved the aspect of over coming the physical abuse at the beginning of the novel, but I loved it more when they went into the aspect of mental abuse. There are so many “loving” relationships in books that over look the mental abuse, and this one clearly focused on it and made me love it all the more. The fact that a man like Jensen was able to convince a woman like Waverly that she had a say in her life, and chose what she was able to do with her body amazes me. The characters felt so lifelike, even when something felt unbelievable. I don’t know much about polygamy, but what was shown in this novel feels very accurate to outsiders and insiders. I also loved that this book was a romance novel, and of course has the buildup and sex, but focused so much more on the actual relationship and building trust.

The Worst Parts:

There was one thing that didn’t necessarily bother me when reading this book but it put a damper into my thought process. That was the ending where Waverly was taken away. It all happened so fast with Jensen and Waverly that I was confused, and then with Waverly’s sister, and then Juliette, and then the happily ever after. I’m glad there is a book two with Waverly’s sister’s story, but Waverly’s story seemed to be cut short and just abruptly ended.

Final Thoughts:

I do have to say that even though the story abruptly needed the rest of it had me on edge. I woke up last night after a four hour nap because I couldn’t sleep and read and read it until it was done. It sucked me in. There were a few times I put it down then couldn’t wait longer than five minutes before I had my kindle in my hands again. It is currently on sle for $.99 right now, original price is $3.99, get it while it’s hot!

4 thoughts on “Arrogant Bastard by Winter Renshaw

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