Spotlight Author of the Week!

The Spotlight Author that I have chosen for this week is one that I actually haven’t read anything by! The lovely author I have chosen this week is . . .

Alice Clayton!

I thought that this would be perfect since I just bought all of her books in The Cocktail series.




Alice has written multiple series, all romance novels, the largest being The Cocktail series, then The Redhead series, and lastly her latest, The Hudson Valley series. The Cocktail series has four full length noels and one novella. This being her most famous series yet. This series is set up as a sequel based and stand alone, which allows for the readers to finish each character and move on to another while still having all the same characters. I personally love these kinds of novels because it let’s me have more without having too much.


This is where the spotlight gets a little tricky though, since I haven’t read the novels I can’t really talk about them, but I can say that I have been wanting to read them for quite some time, and last week I bought off of them. I have looked into Alice’s other works but none have grabbed my attention like these have. I have has friends shove Wallbanger in my face and said READ THIS!

Now enough about Alice’s previous novels. She is releasing a new novel to start her Hudson Valley series, called Nuts. This book doesn’t come out until October 20, 2015, but Alice has just recently released an excerpt from the novel and I must say, definitely looks like a pretty awesome read!



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