Billionaire Romance: The Unforgettable Billionaire Brothers: Chase by Violet Walker


Purchased: Kindle – Free

My Rating: 3 of 5 Stars


What’s it all about:

“The heirs to the billion dollar empire Silver Enterprises are single playboys who work as hard as they play…

Chase, Ethan & Jackson Silver

The heirs to the billion dollar empire Silver Enterprises are single playboys who work as hard as they play. But when their father gives them each an ultimatum—settle down or lose your inheritance—they each must decide if the family business is worth giving up the single life, while figuring out who is stalking them.

Reluctant to Love…

Chase is reluctant to settle down, especially at his father’s insistence. But a weekend with his sexy assistant may turn out to be just the thing he needs.

Jackson, the middle brother and peacemaker is too young for a wife and kids. But that doesn’t stop him from lusting after the pretty blond cook working for his father.

Ethan doesn’t trust women and he doesn’t trust love. He might have to give up his role as CEO of Silver Enterprises if he can’t get past his dark past.

This is the story of three handsome billionaire brothers and the women special enough to capture their reluctant hearts.”

Description form Amazon.

So I normally hate taking a description from Amazon unless I can’t find ay better words to say it myself, or the description is so far from where I would have gone. This books description talks about all three men, but this story is only about Chase. Just Chase, so don’t be fooled.

The Best Parts:

This actually wasn’t badly written at all. For a 32 page novella it had a lot to it. I think that may have been its downfall as well. The characters were interesting but lacked the depth I needed to actually care. At one point, a very small point I felt something stir in my heart which Chase and his assistant were together, but then it went away. I really think that if this had been longer and a full length novel I would have fall in love, but or now I just kind of like it.

The Worst Parts:

Let’s go back to what actually happens in this novella. The go to an estate, have sex, and creepy guy follows them and takes photos, Chase’s father threatens all the boys in the family, and then his assistant threatens to leave, and then doesn’t and then happily ever after. So much happens. Remember this is only 32 pages long. Again, would be great if this was a longer book, but with all of this going on it felt like the story was all over the place and once you got settled it was up and moving again. There were things brought up and not concluded, but promise to conclude in the next installments. Each later installment is also 32 or 30 pages long, so total of 94 pages to cover three men falling in love and finding out about a stalker and gaining their inheritance. Quite a lot to get through, but I don’t know if I want to read all of them…

Final Thoughts:

I did like this novella, but that was all I did. I don’t feel any inkling to go out and buy the other two that accompany this one, truthfully because I don’t wish to spend $.99 one EACH of them and them still only be a max of 32 pages long. I have bought full length novels at $.99. To me, not worth it. To other that is the deal of a life time. Well written with some steamy scenes, but jsut not enough there for me to be truly invested.


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