Enchanted Revenge by Theresa M. Jones


Purchased: Kindle – $2.99 [Gifted by author in exchange for honest review]

My Rating: 5 of 5 Stars


What’s it all about:

Lily is only seventeen when she finds her parents murdered and herself facing a life that she never knew of, and who is there to help her? Well none other than the handsome fairy Alec. You see, Lily doesn’t know that she is a fairy, and that is why Alec is there. He takes her on the mission to avenge her parents death and teach her of her true home, but what they both don’t know is who she truly is. This magical adventure deals with the finding of ones self as well as learning to truly see someone else in a new light. Go on this adventure with Alec and Lily and I promise you will find that spark of magic within yourself.

The Best Parts:

Everything about this book was awesome. It sets you up in the mind frame of Lily, a teenager who has come home to find her parents dead. Yes there is inner shock and herself trying to figure out what is going on, but it doesn’t take away from the novel. It adds to it. There are points in time where she is fine, going about her day with Alec. Then there are times when she just breaks, this is what makes this story real and easy to relate to the characters. They all know the pain that is going on in her life, just like the readers do. Then as you read the chapters there is a words at the beginning of each that basically sets up what that chapter will be about, but gives you an insight as to what is to come before it comes. That was a wonderful tool to use. Also! There is so many modern references it isn’t funny, but absolutely amazing. Can I just say I loved the Winchester reference. Made my day!

The relationship between the characters is wonderful to watch as well. We get to see the true dynamic of a couple coming together rather than them just falling head over heals. They are together but can’t be and Alec always feelings horrible and it’s just perfect. Also the fact that it was Alec who found out who Lily was really shows his feelings for her as well as their connection together. I can’t wait to read more of them together.

The Worst Parts:

The novel started out a little slow in finding out where it was headed to, but then it was clear that revenge was the plot. That was the only bad thing that I had to say about about novel. Other than that it was pretty perfect. I didn’t think that I would like it as much as I did, but the more I read it the more I fell in love.

Final Thoughts:

I’m pretty sure that I could rant on and on about this novel, but unfortunately I will wait until I read more! The next novel comes out November 2nd this year and I can’t wait. This book is book one of four, and I have the utmost faith in the author that they will continue this amazing novel and world so that other can read how amazing it is. I haven’t read an awesome fantasy novel in a long time and my goodness this one takes the cake! It’s fairly cheap on Amazon and is a full length novel and totally worth the read!


3 thoughts on “Enchanted Revenge by Theresa M. Jones

  1. Aww!!! This made my day!!!
    Thank you so much for such a great review!
    Im so glad you enjoyed it!!!! 🙂
    Im currently typing away writing the third book, so hopefully it will come out shortly after the second one!!!

    Thanks again so much!

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