Arrogant Master by Winter Renshaw


Purchased: Kindle – $.99 [Gifted form author in exchange for honest review]

My Rating: 4 of 5 Stars


What’s it all about:

Bellamy has lived in her AUB lifestyle for too long. She knows that he father would never allow her or her sister to leave, so what must she do? Bellamy finds a jobs, one that her father will only allow her to have until she is married, but now with an unexpected job thrust at her, and a man back at home Bellamy has to lead a double life. One thing is for sure, Bellamy has he hands full with her new boss, and Master, Dane Townsend. Bellamy may not know exactly what she has gotten herself into sexually, but one thing that Bellamy knows how to is, is be sweet. This story is an extension of Arrogant Bastard and the background of how Bellamy and Dane came to be.

The Best Parts:

When I heard that this book was finally coming out I freaked. I needed it in my hands. Had to have it, and now Iv’e read it and just need more. The writing style of Renshaw is flawless and makes you crave for more. There is a perfect balance of character interaction and then thought process form the characters as well. This makes us understand why the characters are doing what they are doing. It makes you fall in love. The dynamic of the BDSM in this novel was a little different though. Normally when I go into a BDSM novel I prepare myself for what I know is to come, but this one was a little more subtle. There are points where you are just like yea! And others where you want there to be a little more. Dane is a Master who expects a certain thing from his Subs, but with Bellamy he seems so soft. It just seemed a little off at times, but the fact that Bellamy does break through to him and you seem him unravel, especially when he makes her confess her darkest desire, omg perfection! That scene just said what the whole book has trying to say. I got chills.

The Worst Parts:

The ending seemed a little rushed. That is about the worst thing I have to say about this book. If you read the first book you knew when coming into this just how it would end, but I wanted more, not just a summation of what I already knew happened. I was thankful for the Epilogue, but even that was so short. I’m glad to know that there will be a third novel, but it doesn’t further this story, but focuses on Dane’s brother. I wanted more on how Waverly was doing with Jensen, or just how Bellamy and Dane expressed their love to each other and how he proposed and where they are going form here. I just needed more!

Final Thoughts:

Buy this book. Buy it now. The first novel Arrogant Bastard is just as good as this one, so buy both since they are still on sale for $.99 each! I stayed up until 2 am last night trying to finish this book before I fell asleep then finally woke up today and didn’t do anything until I finished it. It was a slow start for me since I had so much other things going on but my goodness I don’t know why I waited to finish it!


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