Spotlight Author of the Week [With a Twist]:

Hey all! Since I didn’t do my Spotlight Author of the week last week I thought that this week I would change it up with a twist! Instead of doing an author or character spotlight I was thinking an OTP Spotlight would be fun! What do you all think?!

Well the OTP That I chose will be… drumroll please!



If you aren’t familiar with this OTP it is the relationship between Alec Lightwood and Magnus Bane. A Shadowhunter and a Warlock. Their relationship starts out in The Mortal Instruments series and have seeped into Cassandra Clare’s other novels and novellas as well. I plan to keep reading about this wonderful couple, as Cassandra has made clear multiple times that there is more to come with their relationship!


I have loved many couples, and sometimes just one half of a couple, but like most of the Shadowhunter Fandom out there, I’m obsessed with Malec. I mean who wouldn’t love two wonderful men, that you got to watch fall in love, run around and be stupid for each other!


Now this couple hasn’t always been hearts and flowers. Malec has gone through its ups and downs just like us mere mundanes, but their is something about them that just makes your heart swell. When meeting Magnus in The Infernal Devices you see a man who had tried to love, but has never found someone to love him back, but with Alec that will never be a problem. This OTP will bring laughter to your life and tears to your eyes.

Who is your favorite OTP, because let’s face it, we all have more than one! If you can’t choose one, tell me them all! I completely understand ;]


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