Spotlight Author of the Week:

This week for my author spotlight I want to do a Threesome, hey now, get your head out of the gutter! I have been introduced to many new authors these past few months and want to share who these awesome authors are with all of you!


Up first I have the wonderful Stacey Kestwick! Her debut novel, Wet, was released back in May and now Stacey is working on the sequel to it, Soaked. Stacey’s novels fall into the New Adult Romance category, and yes her novel has a cliffhanger, so prepare yourself!


Second is Brooke Cumberland. I actually stumbled upon this author while checking my Facebook one day and then was lucky enough to win one of her eBooks. Pushing the Limits happens to be the novel that I won, and her latest release as well. Brooke has published well over 10 novels and they just keep coming. I haven’t read the novel that I have received from Brooke yet, but I am super excited to get some of her novels under my belt!

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Last, but not least!, is S.E. Hall. This author had the wonderful pleasure of hosting a night on Stacey Kestwick’s FAcebook page, and again there I was able to win a novel from her, and looked up the rest of her novels. Just like Brooke, Hall has released tons of novels, all Romance, can you tell a trend here? Currently Hall has her novel Emerge for free on Kindle and can’t wait to start it. The novel that I won from Hall is her book Matched that is about a reality show of finding your soul mate, and I just started it last night, and am doomed with how much laughter is tearing through me right now!

Check out these lovely ladies as they have been generous enough to let me read their novels!


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