Matched by S.E. Hall & Angela Graham


Purchased: Kindle – $3.99 [Received as a gift from author]

My Rating: 5 of 5 Stars


What’s it all about:

Do you want to see love in paradise?! Well, Welcome to Date, Mate, Fate where we will be following the lives of 8 celebrities and their plus ones on a tropical island as they play for charity, and their hearts. Stay tuned as we can’t these young adult in the action and watch how they react when finding their soulmate on national TV.

The Best Parts:

This book… how do I even start to describe this book. I have been in a little rut this last week stressing over how many books I still need to read for authors and I started this book knowing that I shouldn’t, but my goodness it was worth it. By the time I left work last night I was at 55% of the way through the book, got home at 4 am and stayed up till 8 am to finish it. Yea, it was that good! This novel literally grabbed you by the ball and kept you there begging for more. The dynamics between the couples and every one in the house was absolutely fantastic. My heart swelled with every emotion that emitted between these people and I loved the story line of finding out what love truly is to someone even though you think you know what it is. [If you have read this book or plan to, just know that the situation with Harlow was exactly what happened with my first boyfriend ever, so I totally understood what she went through and it was beautifully written].

The Worst Parts:

There were certain characters in this book that I didn’t necessarily like, but that is because they were written well enough that even the characters hated them too. The one thing though that made me so angry was the ending. No, it didn’t move too fast or too slow, it was just right, which was the problem! You get to the reunion after every thing happen and  you are literally just waiting there. I was confused and hurt and worried, and started to cry and then actually cried because I was so happy, and then everything happened, and then nothing happened and the the BIG things happened and it was a roller coaster of amazing emotions that filled me all at once and it was so worth the not having sleep today for work.

Final Thoughts:

This book is what I needed. I laughed so hard at parts and sighed with love and just thought that even with every twist and turn to this book that I couldn’t stop reading. This book is why I love to read and write. I want people to be able to feel these emotions that are coursing through me right now, and let me tell you all that this book is not a disappointment in any way. It is a book that I will forever remember, and hopefully soon I will read more by S.E. Hall!


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