This Love of Mine by Miranda Liasson


Purchased: Kindle – $4.99 [Received ARC from Net Galley in exchange for honest review]

My Rating: 5 of 5 Stars


What’s it all about:

Meg and Ben have known each other almost their whole lives, but after Patrick’s, Meg’s brother, accident neither of them seem to be the same. Meg has grown away from ben and the time they used to spend, and Ben has kept blaming himself for ten years. Meg has always had a thing for Ben, but the only one who doesn’t seem to notice is him, so when Ben needs a fake date, why wouldn’t Meg want to help him out? As these two spend more and more time together their relationship seems to build and fall apart at the same time. Can these two get over what happened so long ago to let themselves love, or will their relationship suffer?

The Best Parts:

This novel was definitely better than the first! It just captures you, granted the first one was good, but this one was GREAT! It only took me a day to finish because I just needed to know! The twists and turns that happened just made this more interesting. Ben is stupid. I just needed to say that, he is a stupid boy, and I wanted to slap him and kiss him at the same time. This story line was fantastic and had such great depth to the characters that made you want things to work out even when they weren’t. This story had just the right amount of tension, and even some sex, and it worked so well with the characters and how they played off each other.

The Worst Parts:

I actually didn’t find anything wrong with the novel. The beginning was perfect, and the middle, and the end. I loved the characters and the back and forth between each of them. It felt like a family rather than a circus, like some novels do. Every character had their part, no matter how small.

Final Thoughts:

I loved that this set up for the third book and Sam and Spike. I need it. He is perfect, and what he said to Same, OMG! Any girl would fall for a guy like that. This third book doesn’t come out util next year, but I already can’t wait! It seems that each other these books gets better with the next :]


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