Stalker by Emma Soule


Purchased: Received ARC from author in exchange for honest review

My Rating: 4 of 5 Stars


What’s it all about:

Emma has had a good time in college, that would be up until she blows through all the money her parents gave her to pay for tuition. Now she must come up with the money on her own, but what she doesn’t expect is to start selling her body to men. This wasn’t the first choice Emma had, but once she starts it just seems too easy to get the money she needs. It isn’t until she meets a client that just doesn’t seem to leave her alone that causes her to see what she is actually doing, but it doesn’t stop there. She has now stepped into another woman’s territory. Emma has to find a way out of the lifestyle she has create, but who can she trust?

The Worst Parts:

This story started off kind of weird. I didn’t know where it was going, and then got weirder. There is so much thrown to you all at once, but it isn’t explained at the same time. There are so many variables such as Emma selling herself, and then Chris, oh and let’s not forget Peach. It’s just so much at once that your head is spinning. I think if things had been paced out more it would have flowed better, but just people it was all over the place doesn’t mean that it wasn’t good.

The Best Parts:

I was very intrigued by Chris and wondered where his character would actually go, but was happy that he was just a shadow in Emma’s world. It was Emma’s choices that made for the novel, not Chris’, that was the difference in the stalking. I must say that I felt a total Stockholm syndrome thing going on, but yet it worked out really well since Chris saved her from the greater evil. The whole plot line with Peach was definitely an odd one that I just didn’t understand, until the end of course though. The whole chapter explaining Chris’ story helped things out a lot. I was able to understand why he did the things he did, and it totally opened up the chance for a sequel, which I am hoping for! I just find it odd that Emma was ok so fast with trusting Chris. I was hoping for more of a struggle or questions, but nothing. It made her look weak and like she needed Chris, but then again, she had secretly been relying on him for quite some time now.  Peach’s story is one that makes for a great plot to rely on since there are so many other girls there, and Emma wanting to go back in to save them; it opens up a whole new world.

Final Thoughts:

I liked this novel. It is a quick read and one that makes you want to know what is happening next. This novel will be available on Amazon October 19th, make sure to check it out, definitely worth the read.


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