Hey Y’all!

Good evening everyone! I bring to you news of my moving expedition today! Woot! So, I’ve been up since 3 am this morning and have been packing and unpacking and I pinched a nerve in my back, but let me tell you all that that did not stop me from reading today! In the tiny moments that I had to myself I snuck into a quiet spot and would read a chapter or two. It felt nice in all the chaos to escape to a different world. Now we are taking a break and eating yummy pizza, only the best take out!, and we are about to go get puppy, Lexi. It will be so much fun for her to have her own place finally. I plan to sleep like a baby in this new apartment and then get back to unpacking tomorrow and the next day! Here are some photos of how the day went :]







Today has been fun all, but now I’m out for the night. I hope to have a review or two up before having to go to work on Friday and I’ll make sure to let you know what the finished product looks like!


7 thoughts on “Hey Y’all!

  1. I know right?! It was well worth getting no sleep last night, but now that most of it is over there we just have to unpack and organize everything. That is the hard part :/
    The reading part was when then off chance my husband left in his car before me and I was like hey I have to finish stuff, but not really because I went and laid on the floor and read :]

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