One Lovely Blog Award #2 AND #3! :D

*Does happy dance* Woot! Woke up this afternoon to start the best for this award and then found out that I was nominated one again! so thank you to the of so wonderful Driftinglexi and the totally awesome The Ultimate Book Geek! You guys rock and make my day!



1. You must thank the person who nominated you and include a link to their blog.

2. You must list the rules and display the award.

3. You must add 7 facts about yourself.

4. You must nominate 10 – 15 or so other bloggers

Facts, or something like that:

I plan to do this little post just like my last one, with photo! But what better was to kill two birds with one stone than to show you guys photos of this totally awesome apartment! 😀

1. IMG_20151027_183103019_HDR

This is my awesome counter, a freaking mile long tone, yea! So much space for all my Bath and Bodyworks! :]

2. IMG_20151027_183113359

Our bed set, or I should say my bed set. This shit is old, like since 7th grade old… Damn…

3. IMG_20151027_183528510

This is my husband’s main purchase for the apartment. His wonderful patio furniture that he hasn’t sat on yet. But funny enough, this is where I am writing this post from! :]

4. IMG_20151027_183542786_HDR

My pride and joy. The Kitchen! Most of the stuff that we have for the kitchen was from our wedding, two years ago. You guys got that right. We kept everything in the box for two years until we moved out of my mothers house. Now I can finally use all my fancy things! 😀

5. IMG_20151027_183552545

The living room! This one is also a favorite for me since I was the one to have the impulse buy to get the couch set. I love it and have no shame over buying it 😛

6. IMG_20151027_183559420

The dining room. Not much to it yet except a hoarding ground on the table. Eh.

7. IMG_20151027_183618269

Lastly is my husband’s greatest work in the house yet. Our front door. The B for our last name, and then the holder for our keys and then a picture of our Lexi girl as a baby, and her leash holder. I love my husband :]

My super cool Nominees:

Praise Sky Book Reviews

Books and Messy Buns

Freadom Library


Be the Best You


So i may have gotten lazy and only nominated 6 people, but these awesome 6 people are new to me since I literally just added them today, so Hello all! Have fun! :]

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