#TBT – The last one ever :[

Let’s talk Vampires!

Well one in particular – Dracula.


I have always loved Dracula and his story. It was my first vampire novel that I read my freshman year of high school. Yes I read this before twilight! I have a great respect for Bram Stokers Dracula and the use of many other creatures besides vampires. This novel is what brought me to my love of the undead and it has continued to grow.

The style of writing of this novel was one that threw me for a curve since it isn’t dense.Yes it is classic lit, but try reading Frankenstein and then this and you will be surprised. There is such an easy going nature with this book that allows you to fall in love with the characters and what is actually happening. For this novel being written in 1897 that is one hell of a feat.


I also loved that the movie for Bram Stoker’s Dracula was dead on with everything. It makes my heart swell with love when a movie does this, and the fact that it did so well with a classic novel just makes it better. If you haven’t seen the movie, I suggest you do so. Totally worth it!

In my last semester of college, yes I took lot’s of interesting classes that semester! Lol, I took a Gothic Lit class that was very insightful to the ways of gothic lit. One of the last novels that we had to read were Dracula and I knew exactly the topic I wanted to write on. Bestiality. I know, such a taboo topic to choose and an odd one at that, but there were so many articles that were already on it to support all of my theories and my professor loved the idea. It was the funnest paper that I have ever written, and I’m pretty sure if anyone had to go through my computer that semester of college they would have had me arrested for the things that I was looking up lol.

No matter how many vampires come along or think that they could live up to Dracula’s reputation, they can’t. Don’t even try. Not going to happen.


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