No. No. No. No. No.


I am sitting here all perfectly content with my awesome romance novel reading list and then I take a five minute break to check things out online and whoops, forgot to mention that my favorite author released a new book today.


I have no money to buy said book, but I have a reading list of 30, so I really shouldn’t buy it… But………………….

It’s Traffick by Ellen Hopkins


Like I have read every Ellen Hopkins book eve published and have met her 3 times, and she is my everything and my favorite author of all time…

What do I do?! UGH!


P.s. My husband isn’t awake yet, so I mean I could totally just sneak out and put it on the credit card, but then he might actually murder me later for buying a new book… I don’t know what’s worse, not having the book, or possibly planning my own funeral… :/


20 thoughts on “No. No. No. No. No.

  1. Yea… I don’t have money for it and have to wait for my husband to wake up and as if I can when the next paycheck comes in on Thursday… I hate wait :[ I know it will be worth it though lol


  2. Ok don’t kill me, but I’m going to give you the full list!

    Crank (2004) (YA)
    Glass (2007) (YA)
    Fallout (2010) (YA)
    Burned (2006) (YA)
    Smoke (2013) (YA)
    Impulse (2007) (YA)
    Perfect (2011) (YA)
    Triangles (2011) (A)
    Tilt (2012) (YA)
    Tricks (2009) (YA)
    Traffick (Fall 2015) (YA)
    Identical (2008) (YA)
    Collateral (2012) (A)
    Rumble (2014) (YA)
    Love Lies Beneath (July 2015) (A)
    Chameleon (Fall 2016) (YA)

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  3. Your welcome! Just so you know, her writing is VERY different. She writes her stories in poems. They are wonderful. And just to prepare you. I finished Burned in 6 hours and cried for days. That was the first book that ever literally broke my heart…

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