Chasing Rhodes by Anne Jolin


Purchased: Kindle – Free

My Rating: 3 of 5 Stars


What’s It All About:

Hannah has just come out of a destructive relationship, and has landed in the arms of a Charlie Hunnam look a like. Greyson has been a part of Hannah’s life for only a few months before ether relationship blooms, but what he doesn’t inform her about is the destructive nature of his own mind. Hannah can’t, and doesn’t, want to go through this kind of relationship again, but with the promise of Greyson, she decides to fight for each other. They work together to great what they cal, their home.

The Best Parts:

I liked the start to this novel. I was very well orchestrated and the relationship between Hannah and every one around her is evident. Her friends are there for her, and are a part of her family, and not just the women, the men too. So when she starts see Greyson, and he implodes the first time, everyone is shocked. This story shows a true family dynamic and that you don’t have to be blood to love, and you don’t even have to love you own blood.

The Worst Parts:

Now while I liked the concept of the story, and the beginning, the execution of the rest of the story was pretty rocky. I understand the need for trust and being able to forgive someone and let them have a second chance, but I’m sorry. If a man ever talked to me the was Greyson did to Hannah I would walk out and never look back. That’s not yelling, or having a problem with yourself. That’s verbal abuse, and Hannah just keeps going back for more. There are only so many times that someone can be forgiven before it loves it’s meaning. Then the whole thing with the father was just an explosion of idiocy. She promises to fight for him, then runs because she is hurt by what he says. Get a back bone. And Greyson, needs to stop being a pussy and stand up in front of his father, or else his “woman” would have to do it for him. I just felt that this story tried, but what it did for me was introduce me to more characters who I would have rather read their stories. Like I’m sorry, at least Jackson had a medical problem for his issues, Greyson just has issues. I want Jackson to find a love and someone who will stick with him; now that is a story I would pay for.

Final Thoughts:

This novel was free on kindle, and after reading this one I’m intrigued to read about the other characters stories, but is they are laid out like this one, or has the same writing style I don’t know if I would get them. This story wasn’t horrible, I mean the sex was good, but it just lacked a lot of common sense for me to love it.


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