Brash by Nicola Marsh


Purchased: Kindle – $2.99 [Free at time of purchase]

My Rating: 4 of 5 Stars


What’s It All About:

Jess has always been the good girl, and there has really only ever been one mad who has made her want to be bad. Jess hasn’t seen Jack since her days in the outback ten years ago, but when he waltz back into her life she knows that those feelings that she once had have never gone away. Their brooding chemistry can’t distract them from the job that needs to be done with planning a mutual friends wedding, but when it does Jess can’t see any better reason to stop it. She takes her newly found bad girl bombshell ways to bring this Aussie boy to his knees.

The Best Parts:

I had previously read the prequel to this novel, Before, and loved these characters, so when I saw that this I snatched it up immediately. Jess and Jack have this chemistry that drives you crazy. The love and hate, and love to hate each other. What happened ten years ago in the outback though affects who they are today, so before reading this I suggest you read the prequel. It will help with the tension. The way they go about their way on the island though just builds more tension and I love that both are just as scared to be with the other. It helps make the relationship real. I do wish that they would have had at least one more day on the island to themselves, but that’s just me ;]

The Worst Parts:

There wasn’t much for me not to like in this novel. I just wish that there would have been more of the girls showing Jess how to be seductive and how to get Jack. There is a little bit talked about it, and some clothes given to her, but I would have loved to have heard the advice that some of the women gave to her and showed her how to move.

Final Thoughts:

It’s a shorter novel, but still sexy and cute at the same time. HEA all the ways, but does great at keeping the physical and mental tension high so that the reader doesn’t get bored.


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