Hawaiian Healing by Libby Cole


Purchased: Received ARC from author in exchange for honest review.

My Rating: 4 of 5 Stars


What’s It All About:

After Kayla and Jay’s big fall out it is up to them to decide if they want to live with the heartbreak of Hawaii or is they want to stick it out and get the most out of their love for each other. As the clock ticks slowly to the end it is Kayla who must make the final decision, what will she choose? Hawaii or Home?

The Best Parts:

Such a great continuation from the first book. It literally starts off right afterwords, so that you are able to follow what is happening. I like that Kayla and Jay talk through a lot about what is happening between them, and they are both able to confess their love. It is also quite adorable when he asks her to be his girlfriend. Freaking adorable. Also there is one part, close to the end. The BIG bomb. I was screaming “I knew it” through my breaking room while doing happy dances. Jay and Kayla are such a real couple that fight and have their own issues. Yes they are lovey dovey, but they are real in the sense that you could see these guys walking down the street and think they were a normal couple, not some made up couple just for a romance novel.

The Worst Parts:

Jay is stupid. That is all. He is such a boy and claims his territory and then gets angry when he has no right to. He also thinks he knows what Kayla wants rather than asking her, and then makes them both look feel like crap. He is just a boy. There are parts in this story that you get to see the man Jay is, but for most of it he acts like a teenage boy who is insecure.

Final Thoughts:

This was a fun book to read, rather short, but it continues the last story, has it’s own plot line and then sets you up for the next book as well.


One thought on “Hawaiian Healing by Libby Cole

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