#WCW: Interview Style with Mariah Dietz!


Hey guys! Today I bring you #WCW: Interview Style with the wonderful Mariah Dietz! I am currently reading her newest book The Weight of Rain and it is fantastic! I’ll make sure to link once I finish and review ❤ Much love, now here is Mariah!

First off, tell us a little bit about yourself. :


I am from the West Coast, and love writing books about places I’ve traveled and lived. I love traveling, one of my favorite things to do is see a place I haven’t before, whether it’s t a short car drive, or a several hour plane ride. I consider myself an amateur foodie, because I love food—both salty and sweet—however; fancy foods often aren’t my thing. I prefer finding the best donut or cheeseburger in a city. In addition to traveling and eating, I love being a mom, it’s what I spend ninety-percent of my time doing, and I believe they have taught me more than any destination.

Books have always been a very large part of my life. I grew up in a very tiny town, and they were my first look beyond where I lived. I met friends, family, crushes, and went on adventures as I got lost in the pages, and eventually, I began creating my own.
Now for the questions:

Who are your go to authors? Authors that you would one click every time? Kristen Ashley, Stephanie Perkins, and Stephenie Meyer.

How do you go about devising a plot for your novels? Usually, I have an idea of a message I want to convey to readers, and that helps me devise my plot.

Do you ever get creeped out when you realize that the characters that you’ve created aren’t real? Sometimes it makes me very nostalgic. I get lost in books, and I’m not a very fast writer, a book takes me about 10 months to write, and so I get very attached to characters and their personalities. It can be very hard to move on to the next book.

What inspired you to write your first book? I wrote my first book when I was nine, and never stopped. I wrote my first novel when I was thirteen, and fell in love with the process, and later got lost in “being an adult.” The first book I published, Becoming His, was a book that quite literally demanded to be written. My son had just been born and he kept terrible sleeping hours, and I would be up trying to get him back to sleep and attempting to read a book, and these characters kept coming back to me, preventing me from reading anything.

Are there any new authors that have grasped your interest? Give us some recommendations! You need to check out CM Foss, if you haven’t yet. She has a beautiful voice, and is an amazing person.

Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers? Thank you!!!! When I published Becoming His, I already had Losing Her and Finding Me written and knew how many books were being published each day. The fact that people are willing to spend their time reading my words is the greatest compliment.


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