Wallbanger by Alice Clayton


Purchased: Kindle – $7.99

My Rating: 4 of 5 Stars


What’s It All About:

Paper thin walls never seem to be a problem until you add sex into the mix. Caroline can hear the women each night coming from her neighbors, but what is worse than hearing it? Feeling it. Once the wall banging becomes all too real for her, Caroline finally gets to meet the infamous Simon. These two couldn’t be any more different in their lives, but somehow they seem to be thrusted together more and more as their friends fall for each other. Now they are the fifth and sixth wheel in a comical romance novel, that doesn’t always end with the big O.

The Best Parts:

You want a good laugh with you awesome romance? Then this is the book for you. The banter between Caroline and Simon is one that can be so relatable, because let’s face it. I have sex talk all the time with friends and it basically goes like that. There relationship is one that is so real and you can totally understand Caroline’s frustration with her O. I also liked that this book wasn’t just all about the sex, well up until the end at least ;], and that it focused on the relationship. It showed just how much these two were changing and how they were able to let each other in.

The Worst Parts:

I didn’t find anything wrong with this novel, except for once in my life I wish some things would have been left out. There were a few times where I was like can we get on with it… but I still didn’t feel pulled out of the story. Like when she is in her head thinking things out it can sometimes go on for an entire chapter, or the whole parts where it is just text messages. That was a little odd for me, and even though it got us the information we needed fast, it did take me out of the story just a little bit.

Final Thoughts:

I heard so many good things about this novel and it has taken me so long to read it and I have no idea why. But totally worth the wait and now to read the rest of the books for this series! On to more sexual shenanigans with caroline and Simon! Oh, and don’t forget about Clive! 😀


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