#MCM: Domovoi Butler

Today I want to talk about a man. A real man who has dealt with one particular boy and with that has grown much respect from that one boy and every one around them. The Artemis Fowl series by Eoin Colfer is one my favorite, not just for the rebellious Artemis Fowl himself, or even the feisty pixie, Holly Short, no those guys are amazing, but they would be no where without Butler.

Butler, if you all haven’t read the series, is Artemis Fowl’s bodyguard. I mean what twelve years old needs a body guard? Oh right, the criminal mastermind kind. The adventures that these two get into are fun ones, but also deadly. While Artemis has all his fun it is up to Butler to protect both of them. Butler is the third deadliest person in the world with his martial arts background and even has had his techniques being used by fairies to train their elite. But even with Butler and his tough exterior, he does have a soft side, for his sister at latest. The only two people that he has ever felt for are Artemis and his sister Juliet. These three have bene through a lot within the eight books that encompass this series, but what they have in common most is a man who will do anything to keep all of them safe, either from someone else, or even from themselves.

One thing that I really loved about Butler too was his quick sass. It makes it better that his is this big, bad, tough guy who can talk shit like nobodies business!

Now before we get into anything ladies, no scratching, no spitting, and no tattling to mummy.”

I am Butler. Everything I say sounds tough. Now, get out of the lake, fairy.”


So when you think of Butler and who he is, he is supposed to be this big tough guy who can literally beat anyone to death. So why no think of an actor who does that in most of his movies?! Seems simple right? Wrong, took me freaking ages to figure out just the right guy for this role and that would be Jason Statham. He may not be tall enough for the role, but his build and attitude totally make up for it! I mean just look at him, he oozes bodyguard material ;]



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