December?! Already?!


Happy Holidays! I know there are many out there that we all celebrate so that is my way of saying I hope you have a happy holiday season for what ever you are celebrating! I will be celebrating Christmas with my husband this year for the first time in our new place! I can’t wait to start decorating tomorrow and filling the house with Christmas cheer! But before I do that I am going to see the Osborne Lights at Hollywood studios today and promise to post pictures of it later!

Now that the holiday stuff is out of the way I would like to discuss the big thing sitting on my plate today and that is my failure and success at my reading list for the month of November. Like yea, this thing.

Arrogant Playboy by Winter Renshaw

Bad Intentions by Nacole Stayton

Beneath this Mask by Meghan March

The Weight of Rain by Mariah Dietz

Holding Out by Lila Rose

The Charistown Series by Lisa N. Paul [4 3 Books]

Chasing Rhodes by Anne Jolin

Within These Walls by J.L. Berg

Brash by Nicola Marsh

Becoming Us by Amy Daws

Pushing the Limits by Brooke Cumberland

Friends with Partial Benefits by Luke Young

Bedrock by Britney King

Wet by Ruth Clampett

Kissing Mr. Right by Michelle Major

Emerge by S.E. Hall

Throttled by Elizabeth Lee

The Dark Ones by Rachel Van Dyken

RIP by Rachel Van Dyken

Tear by Rachel Van Dyken

Beauty and the Boss by Diane Alberts

The Cocktail Series by Alice Clayton [5 4 Books]

The Truth About Him by M. O’Keefe

I put a total of 30 books on this list for me to read this month and sadly I was only able to read 14 :[ That wasn’t even half! Granted I read two additional books this month that were NOT on this list so I blame them 😛 Now with the 16 book total that I read this month I am at a total of 147 books read this year! 3 away from my new goal of 150! Super exciting!

Now for the month of December I am a lot of ARCs from author that I have read for before and am super excited to be able to read them as well as book from authors that I haven’t read before. This month I plan to get back in the groove of my blog tours, but plan to settle down to two per month that way I can get more me reading in. Want to know what I will be reading this month? No? Well too bad, here it is:

Enticing Violence by Theresa Jones

Lana’s Calling by Nancy Glynn

Spirit Prophecy by E.E. Holmes

Dear Professor by Blair Drake

The Truth About Him by M. O’Keefe

Forever Hers by Caroline Cairn

No Interest In Love by Cassie Mae

There it is ya’ll. The last bit of books that I plan to read for this year. Also did I mention that with the little amount of books that I read I bought so much more?! Like…. It was a problem… Like bad. November alone I bought 30 new books. I basically didn’t even dent my TBR -.- I guess I will have to try again in the new year!


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