#WCW: Interview Style with Chelsea Ballinger

Who wants to read an awesomely funny New Adult romance novel, by an totally awesome author?! I know when I picked up Sinners and Saints by Chelsea Ballinger that I wasn’t prepared for what I was about to read. This book was something new for me that added a lot of drama from Gossip Girl to all the hot steamy sex of every erotic romance novels you have ever read. Seriously, one of my top ten favorite reads of the year ❤

First off, tell us a little bit about yourself.


Hi! My name is Chelsea Ballinger. I’m a writer and everyday twenty five year old trying to figure out this common thing called life. I live in the suburbs of Chicago and when I’m not writing I’m binge watching television, diving into music, experiencing great times with family and friends or working for a After school program. No matter what I am always in my head creating some type of story.

Now for the questions:

What inspired you to write your first book?

It really was just a random moment. I was in my last year of college and stressing out about life and my whole life I had been creative. I’ve always been drawing something or writing a short story or idea for one. So I’m sitting with my roommate and I think we were binge-watching Lost on Netflix. All of sudden a spark hit and I said to my friend I’m going to write a book. Now I didn’t think I could publish but later after buying this old Kindle from one of my friends I discovered self-publishing and I realized…. I could do this. Then I realized…. I want to do this. I guess you could say what inspired me was love, a love for stories that had always been there for me making me feel better about life when I ever watched a film or read a book. It was like realizing that your best friend was your soul mate this entire time so I asked my best friend out and we’ve been in a crazy, toxic, amazing relationship ever since.

How much of your own real life inspired your books?

I think the little things in my life inspire my books. Like I’ve never had some great love for a guy yet so I can’t say that, but things like conversations with people or just what I think about a certain topic has inspired books. Right now my job at a After School Program has inspired a new book I’ll probably get to working on sometime next year. I believe everyday life is what inspires writers. Music really inspires me. It can be that one song that makes me feel and Its like I have to create a story around that song because it’s that powerful.

Who is your favorite character you have written?

I don’t think I can pick one. I can tell you my favorite book I have written which is my current one Sinners and Saints. I’m not knocking my past books. I am very proud f all of them but Sinners and Saints for me is the evidence of my growth as a writer. The characters I have created in that novel are my favorite from Hugo the shameless lothario to Juliet the girl not afraid of pain and love and August the profound genius who just happens to be autistic. And of course Scarlett… the woman who is evil beyond measure. I love this book because I explored the bad and the good. Usually when I would write a villain there wasn’t much depth but with Sinners and Saints I didn’t lack with any of them. Each character I became in some way so I could write them the way they deserved to be written and now I have vowed to do that with all my novels. At least try to and you know as a writer when you really commit. Even if the reader doesn’t or thinks so the writer does and with Sinners and Saints I did. I was no longer scared to write what I truly wanted.

Why romance novels?

Why not? I am a hopeless romantic. Always have been always will be. Every book to me has to have romance no matter if it’s tragic or just for a moment. It needs it. But I am not only into just writing full on romance novels. I want to write other genres that will involve romance but will solely revolve on something else like a political thriller. I have a great idea for a political thriller and my best friend is angry that I haven’t read it yet but a book like that takes time and research and pure devotion. Usually when I’m writing I’m writing more than one book and living in the moment. With a novel like that I don’t even want to tell anyone I’m releasing it until I am finished. I also would like to write a serial killer novel, and I have a dystopian I am planning on working on next year.

Are there any new authors that have grasped your interest? Give us some recommendations!

I don’t know if she’s new but I read a series called The Riverdale Series by Janine Infante Bosco. It was so good! I just read the infamous Colleen Hoover’s new novel November 9. It was awesome of course. It’s Colleen Hoover people. I don’t have time to read right now because I am working on the sequel to Sinners and Saints. It’s called Reckless Karma and I am so excited for people to read it. I’m working hard so I can release it before Christmas.

Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers?

Thank you! Seriously Thank You! I wouldn’t be able to keep writing if it wasn’t for you. There really are no other words because the praise I get from you leaves me speechless and my heart bursting with joy. It’s a marvelous thing when others enjoy what you love.


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