#TBT- Novellas!

So at the start of this year I went through a little bit of a novella phase. I mean I still read some of them, but not like I did before lol. I realized that some novellas were better than others. That some authors were able to pull it off by putting in just the right information, while others just fell short, or even didn’t cut it at all. Here are some that I read this year before my blog!

Releasing the Billionaire’s Passion by Elizabeth Lennox
2 of 5 Stars
Now here is my problem with reading stories at the beginning of the year and not reviewing them then is that I don’t remember what they are about! Especially with such a low rating form me. If I had to guess what I didn’t like about this story it would probably be that there wasn’t enough interaction just reaction, which happens a lot in novellas. Reading some reviews for this book didn’t bring back the memories of myself having read this, but it is exactly what I thought it would be able. Crazy antics that aren’t really explained and unreal expectations from a romance.

Resist Me by Lucia Jordan
3 of 5 Stars
Now all Lucia Jordan writes is novellas for a series. It works for her and others, but this one just wasn’t up to par as the others usually are. I think the story line of this would have been better if it wasn’t presented in such a far fetched kind of way. Brett and Cheyanne have history, but when shown together it was like they were together this whole time and not her and Mark. The sex is pretty good, but the Dom/Sub relationship isn’t up to par with some of the tother I have read, and fell a little short.

Chasing Perfection by M.S. Parker
4 of 5 Stars
Do you know what’s worse than reading a book that you didn’t like and not remembering it? Reading a book that you DID and not remembering it. I wish I remembered this book. It is the start to a series. DeVon Ricci is an over the top alpha male, who I slightly remember being over bearing, but it is intriguing to read and so not annoying. Reading some of the reviews on this book brought back some memories of fighting and hot tension that I may just have to go back and reread!

License to Date by Susan Hatler
4 of 5 Stars
This was such a fun read. When your friends offer to paint your place if you go on five dates what could go wrong? Oh that’s right, a hot bartender coming into play that shouldn’t have even been there. This story is a roller coaster of mystery and fun all in on. I haven’t had a chance to read any more of Susan Hatler’s novels for this series, but I will make sure they get on my TBR for next year!

Operation Cinderella by Hope Tarr
3 of 5 Stars
This story takes the typical Cinderella and just modernizes it. It doesn’t really change it up besides the fact that the Cinderella in this story is seeking revenge against the Prince Charming that maimed her name. She is a housekeeper for this man, but when she is digging for something to smear his name what she uncovers could cost her everything. This story is over the top and nonsensical when it comes to the cinderella story. I love a good fairy tale, but this one just irked me in the wrong ways.


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