#MCM: Taylor “Tank” Young

I needed a good cry and laugh. So today I want to talk to you all more about a book from last year that really moved me. Bad Intentions by Nacole stayton. I stated in my review that I loved, loved, loved the secondary characters and the one I loved the most was Tank. There was just something about him that even during the dark, he was the light.

Tank is your typical happy go lucky kind of guy who just doesn’t give a shit about what others think about him. He will do what ever he wants when ever he wants. Now he does care abut others feelings, but then again he doesn’t truly know what he wants. Especially when it comes to a relationship. Tank is all over the place. I like that when Adaley asks about his sexual preference, Tank and Zoe are just eh about it. It shows the relationship between brother and sister and that from best friends. They don’t care what the other does as long as they are happy.

Happiness, love, sex, quirkiness, those are all of the things thank encompass Tank. There is so much sass with the first meeting of Adaley that you think that that is whole she will end up with, and yes there are a few kisses, but that’s just not who Tank is. They are best friends. They will be there for each other forever. Especially since Adaley loves his best friends Ryle. This dynamic brings all of these friends closer together and I feel that Tank is the glue to all of this.


I don’t have any quotes for Tank. There would just be too many to choose from. So can I just choose him? No. Ok. Well here is the first thing that every comes out of his mouth in this fantastic book.

Do those lips taste as good as they look?

Like who couldn’t love that sass?!

Ugh, swoon ❤


Now comes the hard, easy part. Who in the hell could play this most amazing man?! Like come on – he is tall, tan, ginger, and super hot. Well I went ahead and decided on a man who I thought would have the perfect build and personality to play Tank, and the cosmetics could always come later, because he is definitely not a ginger, and needs a lot of help in the tan department.

So here he is ladies, the lovely Alex Pettyfer! ❤


That laugh though… Perfection!


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