A Christmas Seduction by Rachel Van Dyken, Kristin Vayden, and Nadine Millard


Purchased: Kindle – $.99

My Rating: 5 of 5 Stars


What’s It All About:

Sometimes all love needs is a little Christmas Magic… 


In a house with their childhood nemesis’, The Earl of Ashbury and his brothers have no choice but to put on a brave face, after all, how many times have the sisters “who shall not be named” nearly killed them? 

They had a plan. 

A good plan. 

One of avoidance, and possible fake illnesses if necessary. 

Instead, the minute the men set eyes on the women, their plan changes from making war–to love. 

Each book is interconnected so no skipping ahead! 

Taming the Earl – Kristin Vayden 

Christmas Kisses – Nadine Millard 

Mistletoe for Sara – Rachel Van Dyken

Description taken from Amazon.

This is an Anthology that is interwoven awesomeness. ❤

The Best Parts:

Normally when authors create a small series they release them separately and then sell it for a high price, but this anthology is everything that I ever wanted out of three novellas that are interwoven. What is better than that you ask? Three awesome authors are the reason for this sexiness.

The stories do great with being standalones, but even better when you get to see the other sides to what is actually happening in the rest of the house. The tension is high, but the sex is subtle as it should be. It is extremely light hearted and fun, but with the sense of wanting to smack a boy for being so stupid.

The Worst Parts:

I haven’t read a regency romance novel in a very long time, but this one captured me. I didn’t want to put it down, so I didn’t. It is a fast read as you get all three HEAs at once. I also loved the fact that they each had a back story that was focused on as well. Even though three different authors wrote each part there is so much that is connected and shown in such little time. Wonderful job ❤

Final Thoughts:

I had not read anything from either Kristin or Nadine before, but now I’m searching Amazon for all of their novels! These lovely ladies know how to bring it!


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