#MCM: George Lovelace <3

There are characters out there that you become attached to. They are ones that you watch grow and then leave you forever, not because the book is over, but because the cruel cruel author kills them. That’s right there are innocent boys out there being killed every single day by menacing woman and men who just want to tear our hearts out! So let’s talk about my most recent heartbreak with the Shadowhunter Academy series. If you have read it then you know who George Lovelace is. If you haven’t then you should meet George Lovelace ❤

George is one of Simon’s, who is one of the main characters in this series and in The Mortal Instruments series as well, best friends and they both learn the art of shadowhunting together over the next few years. They are able to grow a bond within the abyss that is the academy’s dungeons. With slime on the walls and numerous rats crawling about their room, they are always there for each other in the end.

What George teaches not just Simon, but all of the kids at the Shadowhunter academy, is the way to accept who you are. Even though George has a shadowhunter last name, he was adopted and therefor isn’t a shadowhunter. Those around him learn that even though you aren’t something it doesn’t meant you aren’t. This is what bring George and Simon closer together, because even though Simon is not a Shadowhunter all of his friends are and that makes him want to fit in more. That is why he went to this school, but George helps him realize that it isn’t about his friends but himself and he must accept who he is.

Now with talking about George’s life then we must also talk about his death. I was bound to happen that someone wouldn’t make it through the ascension. Unfortunately that someone is George. I know that a lot of fans had a hard time with this, but I felt that it was needed also. These shadowhunters live by the law, but what I think they forget sometimes is with becoming a Shadowhunter means to die young. That is typical. That is known. So yes George died, but he will still live on forever. Even if he wasn’t a shadowhunter he will live forever as one to Simon. That is the ultimate life; one of immortality among the living.

P.s- I LOVE the ending where Simon is saying goodbye to George and then he sees him as a ghost with Jessamine. That meant the world to me. Even though she has been dead so long her life as a shadowhunter is forever being immortalized by protecting those shadowhunters that she left.

P.s.s – I LOVE that Simon chose his shadowhunter name after George. Simon Lovelace has a nice ring to it ;]


So George is uber weird and funny and many of his quote are perfection and he knows just the right thing to say ❤

“Speaking of luck, Isabelle Lightwood is a total babe. Actually, she’s better than a babe: She’s a hero. She came all the way here to tell the world you were hers. You’re telling me she doesn’t know another hero when she sees one? You’re going to figure out what you’re doing here. Isabelle Lightwood believes in you, and for what it’s worth, I do too.”

“Well, I’m a Lovelace. My family quit Shadowhunting due to laziness in the 1700s.” 

“Not the letter again?” Simon’s roommate at the Academy, George Lovelace, groaned. He flung himself down on his bed, sweeping an arm melodramatically across his forehead. “Oh, Isabelle, my darling, if I stare at this letter long enough, maybe I’ll telepathically woo you back to my weeping bosom.” 


Now that you have gotten a little view of who exactly George Lovelace is let me show who I think would be the perfect fit for this role! Have you guys ever met Daniel Sharman? No. Yes. Maybe, so. Well here he is in all of his glory. I have seen this man act a lot and with his curly hair and spitfire fun attitude I think he would just fit right in to the Shadowhunter world ❤



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