Whipped by Elizabeth Lee


Purchased: Kindle – $3.99

My Rating: 5 of 5 Stars


What’s It All About:

If they want to have a future, they’ll have to let go of the past… 

Georgia Bennett likes to keep busy. So much so that sometimes it’s like she’s on autopilot. It’s the only way she can cope with the tragic loss of her fiancé and move on with her life. Between nursing school and volunteering at the hospital, she barely has time to breathe. But when the bad boy of motocross gets injured and needs her help, she can’t turn him down. 

Brett Sallinger likes his women like his bikes. Fast. Uncomplicated. Replaceable. But when he finds himself forced to take time off of his professional freestyle motocross career to recover from a devastating injury, getting to know the guarded girl nursing him back to health becomes even more important than healing. 

She’s suffered so much loss already and is terrified of getting close to someone with such a dangerous career. 

He’s determined to bring her back to life and refuses to let her slip through his fingers. 

With everything on the line they’ll have to decide if it’s worth the risk…

Description taken from Amazon.

The Best Parts:

This book I have to say wasn’t as fun as the first novel, but it sin’t intended to be. The relationship between Brett and Georgia is an intense on that sends you on a roller coaster ride of emotions. Georgia’s character is one that not many can identify with, and I can never say that my husband has died, but when my father died the feelings Georgia is going through were the exact ones that had me guarded for so long. Elizabeth does a great job writing how Georgia gets through her life and even the thought process of moving on from a dead fiancé.

Brett on the other hand is the most honorable man that I have read in a long time. He is so considerate, but he is also willing to push Georgia’s buttons. They push each other past their comfort zones and it makes for a great read that may not be pleasant at times for the heart, but is well worth the wait in the end.

The Worst Parts:

I wish. I wish so hard that Brett would have made Georgia sweat a little more when she asked for forgiveness. I know that they needed to reconcile, but man I wish he would have made her work a little harder, but man is that boy a softy for her.

Also I HATE the epilogue! Why?! Why torture us with that, but what I am grateful for is that the next book comes out tomorrow so I don’t have to wait long to find out!

Final Thoughts:

This series is different then what I have normally read because the HEA’s aren’t complete at the end of their own book, and the secondary characters that you have already read about continue their stories in the other characters books. This allows for the familial feeling when reading these characters. You learn so much about them.



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