#MCM: The Marauders – Part 1: Remus “Moony” Lupin!

So under the influence of one of my fellow Coordinators at work I am deciding to do a four part #MCM. We were talking Harry Potter non stop last night and the idea came that I should do the Marauders from their early years with a little surprise at the end, because let’s face it I’m totally skipping Wormtail, who the hell cares about him?!

So today I’m going to start off with the wonderful Remus “Moony” Lupin.

To me he is the most misunderstood character of the Marauders. From being turned into a werewolf as a child to losing his best friends to having to hide who he truly is from the ones he loves, and then losing his life with the one he loves and leaving his son behind. No one person should ever have to go through all of that, but Lupin did and for that I praise him.

Let’s first start out with the fact that he is a werewolf. This is brought up some in the first novels where he is introduced, but then dies off once everyone who needs to know knows. This is definitely part of Lupins’s life, but it doesn’t decide what he does any more, not since her fully revealed himself to Harry. Also love that they clarify what an Animagus and a werewolf re and the difference; this helps build the line between Lupin and his friends.

Next I want to look at is the act of losing his best friend. James’ death is a catalyst for the whole series and has effected everyone, but for Lupin he was already the outcast and so when losing that friend and having another betray him it made sense that he secluded himself away from the world. But what I love is that even though he went through losing someone he still felt so much love for Sirius, Harry, and of course Tonks.

Which speaking of Tonks can we PLEASE talk about how adorable her and Lupin were together and the fact that they were able to show so much love and make a child even through the dark times. Like they are the epitome of love and it always makes me so angry that they never included that in the movie! But I also hate that they had to leave the world so soon and left poor Teddy behind. I know that he had a family with the rest of the gang, but I just think Lupin and Tonks would have been the world best parents and been totally bad ass!


Now Lupin is the sensible one of the Marauders, but that doesn’t mean he can’t have fun, so here are a couple of quotes that round out who the real Remus Lupin is ;]

You know something, Harry? I think you would have given your father a run for his money, and THAT is saying something.




I know that we got to see a little bit of who played Remus as a teen in the movie, but we all know him as who he is as an adult, but I want to change that. Today I have selected someone who I think would be there perfect Remus who is aggressive, and passionate, but then who is also served and loving at the same time.

He may be a little older than you are all thinking for Remus, but I still think he could totally pull him off, so here is this weeks #MCM for Remus Lupin – Eric Christian Olsen!



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